Dirac = Wow! Hyper++++ time to buy Razor?

So I’ve made my first big mistake as a noob alt coin investor: I had a sell order on BTC-XDQ (Dirac) for .00049 which made me something like 23% profit, not bad, right?  Well right after that it shot up to well over .0007 and continues at over .0006, apparently due to the announcement that Dirac will be integral to BlockTech‘s new exchange AltMarket.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 1.58.08 PM


BTC-HYPER (Hyper) seems to be doing quite well also, hovering around .00014.  I had a sell order at that point but canceled it before it got there, instead my Hyper has gone into my Hyper wallet to earn interest.  I’ll get more if the price dips again.

After some gains last week, BTC-RZR (Razor) seems to be settling back into it’s floor level of around .0003 and I’ve already acquired more.

It seems like cryptic remarks by Bryce Weiner precede some spikes ;)

Are there any other coins I should be looking at besides these and Pink and Nautilus?  Let me know!


Disclaimer: I’m not an authority on any of this, I’ve just looked into certain coins and watched the markets closely for the last few days.


Alt coins finding their floors.

This past week on the Bittrex exchange it seems like BTC-HYPER (Hyper) has found it’s floor around .0001, with BTC-XDQ (Dirac) at around .0004 though both coins continue to exhibit higher spikes for day traders.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 11.06.39 PM

BTC-RZR (Razor) had a very stable floor around .0003 with a much narrower spread though it has had some bumps which seem to be resulting in solid gains, only time will tell. I also looked at BTC-PINK (Pink) but am not so sure it looks to have an established floor yet.

On David Seaman’s podcast Bryce Weiner of BlockTech mentioned this kind of flooring with certain alt coins that have strong dev teams and plausible use case scenarios WATCH. This is in contrast to the “pump and dump” that had been seen with other alt coins that were hyped and then crashed because ultimately they have no reason to exist, unlike the coins mentioned above that are trying to do useful things that Bitcoin doesn’t do and doesn’t want to do. On the other hand no one knows yet if the teams behind these coins will actually realize their ambitions. Only Razor seems like it’s close with a new online marketplace which is supposed to launch any day now.

I highly recommend the 2 other recent interviews with Bryce also: WATCH WATCH.

Finally here’s a simple angular.js web app I created to show multiple Bittrex tickers on one page. My old Macbook Pro can’t handle all those Bittrex tabs at once and stream video at the same time ;)

Disclaimer: I’m not an authority on any of this, I’ve just researched some coins and watched the markets closely for the last few days.

PHP Projects…

Taken from PHP 5 Object, Patterns, and Practice by Matt Zandstra (Apress).

While there is a little technical jargon here I think that anybody who is at all involved with the development, or expansion of a web application needs to read this. I know exactly the kind of situation he is talking about…

“The problem is that PHP is just too easy. It tempts you to try out your ideas, and flatters you with good results. You write much of your code straight into your Web pages, because PHP is designed to support that. You add the heavier code to functions in library files, and before you know it you have a working Web application.

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