I guarantee that I can do what I say I can do, when I say and for how much I say. In those rare cases when unexpected delays and over-runs are encountered I make a point to inform the client completely as soon as possible. I don’t just tell you what you want to hear, I tell you the truth. Honesty and integrity are ideals that I constantly strive for in all aspects of my life.


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Class of 1991
B.A. in Psychology


I was born in 1969 in the state of Vermont, in the City of St. Albans located just 10 miles south of the border between the US and Canada.  I received many honors for academic performance in high school and spent my spare time writing Basic programs on the family Commodore 64 computer.  In 1987 I was accepted into the Universtity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. There I majored in Psychology with concentrations in Mathematics and Literature. After graduation I spent some time in Latin America in Costa Rica and Venezuela where I taught English as a Foreign Language and became fluent in Spanish. In 1995, with my international background, I moved to Miami to pursue a career in international logistics. I was employed by Freight Forwarders in air and ocean freight export. In 2001 I was laid off due to corporate down-sizing and since then I haven’t looked back pursuing my own course as a private consultant and web developer.

I believe that my background in Psychology and Teaching help me a lot with user interface design and explaining concepts to clients and colleagues. My time in the freight business really forced me to understand the needs and challenges faced by small business in information management, organization and client relations.

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