Dirac = Wow! Hyper++++ time to buy Razor?

So I’ve made my first big mistake as a noob alt coin investor: I had a sell order on BTC-XDQ (Dirac) for .00049 which made me something like 23% profit, not bad, right?  Well right after that it shot up to well over .0007 and continues at over .0006, apparently due to the announcement that Dirac will be integral to BlockTech‘s new exchange AltMarket.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 1.58.08 PM


BTC-HYPER (Hyper) seems to be doing quite well also, hovering around .00014.  I had a sell order at that point but canceled it before it got there, instead my Hyper has gone into my Hyper wallet to earn interest.  I’ll get more if the price dips again.

After some gains last week, BTC-RZR (Razor) seems to be settling back into it’s floor level of around .0003 and I’ve already acquired more.

It seems like cryptic remarks by Bryce Weiner precede some spikes ;)

Are there any other coins I should be looking at besides these and Pink and Nautilus?  Let me know!


Disclaimer: I’m not an authority on any of this, I’ve just looked into certain coins and watched the markets closely for the last few days.


One thought on “Dirac = Wow! Hyper++++ time to buy Razor?

  1. I’ve been looking at PINK also and it still doesn’t seem to have found it’s floor yet, it just keep slipping lower and lower, it’s gotten as low as .0000007, is this the floor? I’m giving it a couple more days before putting in a buy order…

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