Database driven websites and web applications:

                         DNAtabase – I originally built this site with PHP and in 2018 I rebuilt the entire backed with Python/Flask/SqlAlchemy to work with the existing front end that I had created with jQuery, Datatables and Bootstrap. The amount of human genome data that is processed with this app has presented a number of technical challenges that I continue to address.

                         CoinCube – I am a vested partner and backend developer in this start up venture whose beta was launched in early 2015. This is an crypto currency index trading service. I orginally built it with Laravel and Cartalyst Platform for out of the box CMS and user authentication. I created custom API clients for communicating with different BitCoin exchanges as well as user transaction management, reporting, automated billing and BitCoin payment integration. I have recently been involved with upgrading the entire codebase to Python/Flask/SqlAlchemy and vue.js.

                         Reloquest – I was hired to work on this Symfony 2 based project in late 2014. This a business to business portal that allows providers of temporary housing and relocation services to manage their suppliers, coverage areas and reservation requests. It makes extensive use of Doctrine ORM and many packages that extend it.

                         Lewis Waite Farm – Ecommerce site built on CodeIgniter and PyroCMS, both of which I learned quickly while completing this project initiated by another developer. The unique requirements of this direct farm to buyers clubs business presented many challenges with business logic and data models well beyond a standard small business ecommerce site.

                        Tome – In early 2014 I created custom plugins for this new WordPress based online publishing platform including a comprehensive multi-lingual plugin written in OO PHP and optimized for custom post types. Also setup custom shortcodes that integrate with TinyMCE javascript and used Google Maps API. Example of Tome online Book

                        SkinMedica – Integrated complete site redesign with existing Symfony 1.4 back end. Worked with SOAP API integration. Enahnced and corrected jQuery code written by front end developers. (contracted through TenthWave.com)

                         RobotFruit – A clone of ShoutEm.com with added loyalty program features. Wrote a large part of the PHP code within Symfony 1.4. Implemented AJAX and jQuery and built an Android app in Java with GCM and Cordova. (contracted through Waleup.com)

                         Juniper CMS – A CMS that I created myself out of frustration with existing “simple” systems that make things too complicated for both the programmer and the site administrator.  Built with the Propel ORM and a multitude of different jQuery plugins includingjsTree.

                         Discover with Marta – E-commerce site based on Magento launched early in 2012.  Required a lot of work with the Magento templating system and customizing a Magento subscription extension that was not up to the client’s needs. (contracted throughWaleup.com)

                        Cuzie – A well funded startup web application created in Symfony 1.4 with Propel admin generation.  I did most of the programming for the original private beta in late 2011. (contracted through Waleup.com)

                         Inhabitat – A well known green design blog that I did a lot of maintenance and upgrade work for starting in the summer of 2010 until they were bought in 2012.  This is a very high traffic WordPress MU installation with a lot of scalability issues that we were constantly addressing.

                         Ticket-Timer – My own idea: a free, hosted web application that I built from scratch in 2009 that lets freelancers keep track of their billable time and create invoices for clients.  Uses a lot of javascript and Ajax to control the project timers.

                         Live Music Productions – Comprehensive event scheduling, contact management, budgeting and payments system for NYC’s premier live music events service.  I worked closely with the client to create this application from scratch in 2007.  Including diverse dynamic forms and reports with extensive use of Javascript and AJAX.  You can read more about it here and a customized version of this system which I also maintain is now being used by E Three Productions .

Custom WordPress sites:

I built these sites as a sub-contractor for Sweden Unlimited.  They provided the design and HTML and I did all the custom programming in PHP and Javascript required to create online magazine functionality.  I created and customized many WordPress plugins to make these sites stand out from simple WordPress blogs.

                        Bullet Media (2011)

                        Grandlifenyc.com (2011)

                        Vmagazine.com (2010)

                        DVF Magazine (2009)

                        VMAN.com (2008)

I have worked on many other projects not listed here, these ones just highlight my latest and best achievements or most notable clients.

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